About Us


Roaring Forties Rubs is a small Tasmanian, family run business creating natural spice marinades that contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or anti-caking agents.


After searching the supermarket shelves for a punchy marinade for meat and vegetables, we found they all contained anti-caking agents or rice flour fillers, and lacked freshness and originality. So we began creating our own flavourful spice marinades to bring excitement to barbecued and grilled meats and vegies.


From these simple beginnings Roaring Forties Rubs was established and we have been creating artisan spice blends ever since. Over time we have refined our recipes and source only the best quality, fresh spices, including the native Tasmanian mountain pepper.




Our desire is to inspire you to eat healthily, ethically and sustainably, giving thought to where your food has come from and how it was raised.


We can all support animal welfare and a healthier environment by making careful choices about the meat we buy. Ask your retailer where the meat has come from and how it has been raised. If they cannot tell you, don’t buy it. As with most well-run and ethical businesses, the farming, distribution and retailing of meats should be transparent.


Make sure beef has been grassfed and is free of artificial growth hormones. Chickens and pigs should always be free range and preferably organic. Seafood should be caught or farmed using sustainable practices. Where possible buy organic and you will be helping to reduce the amount of chemicals on our land, in our oceans and in our bodies. Organic/free range meat can be more expensive, so consider eating it less often and in smaller portions, or buy cheaper cuts from quality producers. If you can find a small, local farmer who will sell in bulk, this is a great and inexpensive option. Farmers markets are often a good place to build networks with small local producers.


The Australian Marine Conservation Society produces Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide, a well researched guide to buying sustainable fish, which can be downloaded as an iPhone App for free.


The following links provide a useful base resource to assist you to find ethical and sustainable food in your area:






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