Roaring Forties Rubs produces gourmet spice marinades on the island of Tasmania. We invite you to try the finest quality herbs and spices blended to authentic recipes on your next meal.

On a STORMY WINTER NIGHT in 1965 the spice ship Arrow, laden with goods from Mauritius, ran aground off Tasmania’s coast. For years Tasmania was known to wary sailors as the “Graveyard Island.” The notorious ROARING FORTIES WINDS that sweep the Indian Ocean have left hundreds of ships like the Arrow shattered on the unforgiving coast.

Legend has it that the Arrow was famous for bringing EXOTIC SPICES to Tasmanian shores. These spice rubs carry on the Arrow’s legacy by bringing food to life with alluring spice blends. The addition of Tasmania’s famous native mountain pepper completes the exceptional and unparalleled flavour of these rubs.